Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ORTs and TU, Stitching and My Tuesday Sketch

What is an ORT?  The leftover ends from these stitched pieces are ORTs.
 It's Old Ratty Threads though I don't really think of them as ratty, they are usable.  I happened upon It's Daffycatanother stitcher's blog and she keeps them in a glass jar for color in her studio. You can read about her's in the link in italics.  I keep mine in a plastic baggie and I use them for hand stitching.  I like the idea of a glass bottle as it would be prettier than the baggie I now use.  I'm on the lookout for one that has a large enough opening that my hand can fit and to dig out what I want, good the garage sale season has started.  More on that later as I have two types of ORTs that I save for different reasons.  I just told you about the first one, when I have something to show for the other use I'll post and share that too.

The one above is a quote I finished today.  I say finished, not really, I finished the quote but now I have to put it on something.  I think it's going to be a small wall quilt to hang over a small dresser I use in our bedroom, a constant reminder.

The one below you've seen in pieces.  Stitched together I like them but think I need more.  I'll have to find more of the darker material as I like how the stitches show up better on that but are still not over powering.  We shall see where this ends up
 And today is Tuesday, my Tuesday Morning Painters group got together and I did this Yellow Iris.  Getting shades of yellow is a challenge for me.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Just love your stitching and paintings. I always enjoy seeing other artists' sketchbooks. Have a very creative summer!
best, nadia