Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sun, Moon, Stars and Wine Bags

 This is one of the Sun, Moon and Stars pieces that I'm working on.  It's small and I have no idea what it will eventually become part of but for now it just says something, a quote I saw and liked but I have no idea who said it. "The Sky is no limit.  There are footprints on the Moon."

 And a couple more pieces to add to the basket of potential for this project.  You can learn more about it over on the Spirit Cloth blog, Jude Hill's blog is one of my favorites.

And I'm still working on Wine Bags, these are the newest, two of denim and 1 velvet.  I think I need to make some in Christmas colors next but I also like the combination of denim and lace.  And that reminds me.... I spent three days taking a huge pile of old jeans apart.  Some mine, some husbands, some my sons and some my grandsons.  Now all that denim is neatly organized in tubs and I filled a 39 gallon trash bag with the parts I wasn't going to use.  That's a lot of old jeans.

Today, more wine bags and more Sun, Moon and Stars.  

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