Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Poor Farm and some fiber stuff

We're going to the Poor Farm.  I remember hearing about the Poor Farm as a child; however, I didn't know there really was such a thing.  I thought it was just a figure of speech but when I moved to Grand Haven I learned there really was such a thing.

Since it's no longer used it's a Historical Site and our local museum is the caretaker.  Tonight they are having a fundraiser dinner and we are going with some friends.  There have been events going on there all day but I've been buried in my stitching room working on Wine Bags and getting ready to do some Sun, Moon and Stars along with Jude Hill over at Spirit Cloth.

Here are a few of the wine bags...

The one on the left below holds glasses, silverware and an opener.

The Sund Moon Stars was a class I took several years back but only finished a couple pieces and they have been given away.  Jude is doing the class again, free on her blog so I got out pieces I started before, a few new ones and some fabric.  I also got some of Jude's stars in the mail today... those are center left in the first photo.  Time to get ready for the Poor Farm

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