Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bookmarks, More Sun Moon Stars & A Fish

I finished this one today, This one is 9" x 4".  The rest are about the same + or - a bit. Here are 4 more.  They can act as a mug rug while you are reading or they can hang on your wall.  They'll be at the Gallery Uptown along with the wine bags.

So back to Sun, Moon and Stars.  I've stitched the 9 patch to a larger piece and printed it so I can play with what to do next.

Meanwhile, I've passed this fish on the sidewalk every weekday morning walking our grandson to the bus.  Finally as I walked back home today I decided I had to take a photo and use it somehow.  I'm not sure how for certain but I love it enough, it may end up in several works, fiber and paint.