Friday, January 6, 2017

A Stretched Out Daily

This is two days worth and I'm still not finished with yesterday's daily.  Oh well, I have worked on it every day.  This is the start, sort of.  It looked a lot like this but without the piece in the middle.  I'm working in a handmade journal and that piece is holding it together.

I started adding paint and collage material, no design in mind just looking for texture.

Once all of that was dry I added another layer of paint, still no thought to design, just getting some layers down.

Today I added one more layer.  It isn't done but I love the layers and the texture.  I'm going to move on to something else for tomorrow's daily.  I need to let this sit awhile before I do anything else to it.

It's difficult to see because it's a light cream color that I added.

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