Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More miniatures

I'm having such fun doing these little ones... they are a challenge for sure.  How much detail can I get; how little can I get away with... what techniques will work.  For the Winter Woods... which I've titled Christmas Woods and am using for our Christmas card this year.... I tried a technique I've used on larger pieces to see what the results would be and while it didn't work as well as it does on a large piece,  I think it came out just fine.  I masked all of the trees and the snow, put a small piece of cheese cloth down on the page and began putting color down, mostly darks.   Once that was dry I removed the mask and added color to the birch trees and a shadow line on the snow.  The other two were a matter of determining what detail to include and what to leave out... the gondolier's face could have been better but over all I like the results.


Joan said...

Helen - I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed. You always do something different. What does the cheesecloth do? These are great! I love the gondolier and the one from the other day with the hats!!!

Trish said...

thanks for the comment-I guess balloon girl is growing on me:) Your watercolors are so great (I probably already said that, but I just love them!) I bought a set of tube watercolors, but haven't tried them yet-my problem is I try all these different mediums at the same time without really learning one and then moving on-I'm going to try to work on that :)
Hope to chat again soon-have a good evening!

Judybec said...

My favorite is the trees! They are fabulous!!!! I love the textures you've achieved.