Thursday, March 19, 2009

The next step in the process

I've finished the drawing in my sketchbook. Now that it's done I've decided I didn't want those grave stones so prominent so you'll notice I lightened them a tad (or maybe you didn't notice so I'm telling you.). I do like that they are crosses but in the painting I don't want that it's graves to be prominent. My next step is to scan the page in the sketchbook, enlarge it and trace it onto vellum or tracing paper. I trace because I don't want to damage the watercolor paper and that may happen if I try to draw it again. Besides, I've done the drawing, I don't feel a need to do it twice. OK...I've done it again. I have no idea why part of this text is underlined and therefore no idea how to get rid of the underline. (I just looked at the post on my site and the underline only shows up when I run the mouse over it... who knows why?
Now I'm off for a few days of skiing... the last chance this year. When I get back I'll work on the next step.


Joan said...

Helen - Enjoy your ski trip! Be careful!!!

Cathy said...

very nice work. I found your blog through Jessica's Cre8it blog.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thanks Joan... I did just that.
Cathy, thank you for stopping by.