Monday, March 23, 2009

The next step

Moving along to the next step in the process. You see it reversed. I decided it could be reversed because the place is not important, it was the blue door with the wonderful hinges that I was in love with so that saved me a step. I put the traced image down on my paper and gone right over the lines. Now I will be able to do it again sometime... but with the door on the other side. All I have to do is turn it over and go over the traced lines again All of this part is done with a 5 or 6B pencil so the lines will transfer.

The next thing to think about... do I want to save any whites or do I put a wash over the entire sheet before moving on. I'm leaning toward a wash but not certain yet.


Joan said...

Helen - I like the idea of reversing it so you can do it twice. I know that the first time I did a pour I saved some whites, but then after all the colors were put in those whites looked too white. lol I'm doing 2 pours right now for the pouring project on WetCanvas and started with washes on the paper. I'll post mine when they are finished. Right now they're in a very ugly stage, and I hope that will change.

Joan said...

Helen - I worked on pours last week and posted one of them so far. Come take a peek!