Monday, February 1, 2010

And the family expands

I've neglected my blog the past two weeks; there's a good reason....

with his grandparents

That's my spouse holding our new grandson, Warner Percy Lystra,  born January 16, 2010.  Here's a better picture of the most beautiful baby ever (the possible exception being the lad's father.)

got that thumb

And here he is with the proud parents

with his parents 

I have to admit, I haven't been able to get much painting done.  I have managed a few more scavenger hunt sketches but haven't had a chance to scan them yet.  I did enter two pieces in a regional competition here in our area, Winter Festival, which opens February 5.  I learned today that both got in which makes me a happy camper.  Here they are (the light reflection on the dancers is because it's a poor photo.)

Flea Market Series #3 baskets

Shall we Dance

Who knew being a grandmother was going to take up so much of my time.  When he's here I find myself doing nothing but stare at this sleeping miracle of a child.  He's such fun to watch as he wiggles and stretches and sometimes opens his eyes to take a peek around at what's going on then back to sleep.  Even when he fusses he's relatively quiet about it.  I feel so blessed that the kids moved back home last fall and we are able to see the little guy regularly.



Diahn said...

Wow! Congratulations, Helen! What a sweet, sweet face - have fun!

Cathy Gatland said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new grandson Helen, how wonderful that he is close by so you can enjoy him to the full!

Joan said...

Congratulations!!! I wondered why you hadn't been posting...and here is the delighful answer!!! Enjoy him...they grow so fast!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thank you all, he is beautiful isn't he and such a good little guy. Even when he's cranky he's quietly cranky, just like his dad was. I had planned to catch up on everyone else's blog today but Jamie just called, she and the baby are coming over to do laundry so I may not get to many.