Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sketches

I started last week's hunt but didn't get far, grandson distraction.  However, I haven't given up on doing this.  So far this week I have done four that were on the list.   These were done while sitting at my kitchen table... that's a photo of his highness on my cell phone.

week 3 1 3

I walk early in the morning, before the world is really awake anywhere but in the local coffee shops.  A couple weeks ago I decided to take my sketch bag along on my walk so I could stop for coffee and see if I couldn't find something on the list to sketch while I was stopped.  I did that again this week and these are the sketches I've done so far.

Week 4 1 3 week 4 4

Now I really need to get working on a couple of major paintings as I'm part of a two exhibits  opening in May


Dean H. said...

I like your sketches, Helen. I really must do more of that.

Joan said...

Your sketches are great. I like the idea of taking your sketchbook when you venture out in the morning.

Judybec said...

nice blue bag -- looks like it holds everything! I love sketches like these -- they're so alive and in the moment.
And, good for you for walking early and bringing your sketching supplies!