Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally Getting Back To Pouring Paint

I'm not there yet but getting ready.  It's been a long dry spell.  Does that happen to other artists?  I know I've continued to do creative things but painting, actually producing some major works, just hasn't been happening.  I realized it when I began thinking about what I had to enter in some upcoming exhibits... nada... nothing... not a new piece to be found.  Yes, time has been taken up with a new grandchild; however, that's just a month (he was a month old yesterday.)  I can also tell by the time it's taking me to get the drawings done.  I'm working on two right now.  One is rather complex so I'm doing a very careful drawing trying to get the values right and trying to group things together so it isn't quite so complex and I get some interesting shapes.  That's this one and it's going very slow. 

zipporah sketch

Thanks to wetcanvas buddy Mike Beckett for this reference.  Here's a link to Mike's blog

The other piece is already on the half sheet that the pouring will be done on.  It's another one based on an image from a wetcanvas buddy, Jeanette Jobson from Newfoundland.  She does beautiful work, here's a link to her blog.  And here's the drawing ready for the first mask. I know it's difficult to see but it has to be that way or I'd get graphite mixed with the paint.

two boats


Dean H. said...

It's good to see you back pouring again, Helen!
Congratulations on the beautiful grandchild!

Diahn said...

I go through a creative slump every winter...just like clockwork.

Good to see you back!

Joan said...

I'm glad to see that you're creating again. I've missed seeing your work.