Monday, September 27, 2010

Citra Solv and The New York Times

I promised Citra Solv that I would do  a mini tutorial on how I used its product to alter the look of the pages in the New York Times Magazine.  It occurred to my addled mind that some of you might also be interested.

The supplies I use… a squirt bottle, Citra Solv and the magazine. 

citra solv 1

I know some artists use National Geographic and Citra Solv; however, the only magazine I’ve ever found to give me the results I’m looking for is the New York Times Magazine.  I need to do more experimenting with National Geographic.

I hang the magazine using clips on a small rod in my studio, a clothes line would also work.

citra solv 2

If you use a clothes line you can lay the magazine out flat and spray each page, then hang it over the line.  I hang it like you see above and then lift all of the pages and begin lowering them one by one, spraying each and then let it drop.

citra solv 3

I let them hang all day or overnight before opening the pages to see what I got, sometimes I hang it back up and spray again.  These are examples of the results from the one I’m spraying above.  Some of these I’ll leave as is, some I’ll spray again

ny times page 1 ny times page 1b ny times page 3  ny times page 3b ny times page 2 ny times page 2b

ny times page 4

I’ll use the resulting paper for collage, mixed media work and to cover wood frames. 


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to create this tutorial. They say a picture is a thousand words, but a picture with an explanation is so much better than that! We will be sure to spread your step by step instruction with all!!! PS. Tell your husband thank you for finishing up so quickly :)

Joan said...

Thanks for showing your steps. You have such interesting patterns and colors from this. I'll have to try it.

Shez said...
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Shez said...
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Shez said...

Thanks Helen, good one. Easy to follow. I'm not familar with the product, will have to see if they carry it here......

Dean H. said...

Wow...that Citra Solv really creates a very artsy look!
Very creative, Helen, Thanks.

Beth Parker said...

I enjoyed this post very much, Helen! You are going to have some beautiful collages with these papers.

Cathy Gatland said...

It's been a while since I've visited, you've been as creative as ever Helen! thanks for this tutorial, I don't think we can get Citra Solv here but I'll look out for it. You can clean brushes with it too can't you, instead of turps?

Judybec said...

VERY interesting! -- I never heard of this before. Love the results!

Pat Coakley said...

I used the NYTimes Sunday magazine this past Sunday after seeing your blogpost. I appreciate your generosity in sharing this as I would have thought the paper too thin compared to National Geo pages. Thanks again.