Thursday, September 2, 2010

Citra-Solve and the New York Times Magazine

Today was a grey, rainy day here in my corner of the world so I decided I needed to bring some color into it.  I have several small frames ready to do something with so today I decided they should be covered.  I pulled out some New York Times magazine pages that had been treated with Citra-Solv and found some wonderful greys and some beautifully muted colors.  That was it… I spent the day covering small frames and one block of wood that I found in a dumpster.  I know the frames will get small watercolor paintings when I get some done.  The frames will also get an encoustic finish.  The block of wood is another story… a coat of clear Gesso first and them we’ll see where we go from there.  Meanwhile, here is a photo, not very clear but you can see the colors, aren’t they wonderful?!

citra solv

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jgr said...

Your frames are wonderful! What a cool idea.