Monday, September 13, 2010

A Rusty Old Truck and Journaling

9 11 wde

This rusty old truck was one of the images over at the wetcanvas weekend drawing event.  I love texture and old rusty stuff so I had to do it.  I’ve also discovered that I really like doing a watercolor sketch right over the top of my journal entries.  They aren’t covered up, it’s all still readable… if I don’t care if someone reads it.  If I do care a little gesso over the writing takes care of it and that makes for a totally different look that I also like very much.

7 11 for notes Pears for Jamie

These journal pages originally were just for my own pleasure and to be sure that I do make some sort of art every day no matter what else is on the docket.  I’m thinking that they might make nice note cards to sell on Etsy.  I may to more fruits and veggies since the flower season is pretty much done here in my corner of the world, except for the fall mums.

Meanwhile, I’ve also started two new paintings… here’s the drawing for one that will be a 16” x 16” watercolor.

lis gas can  my outlineMore on that as the work progresses.


iHanna said...

I think one of the reasons I love art journaling is because it combines colours with text - your car with the written background is gorgeous!

Joan said...

I like the combination of the journal page and the painting! It is good to catch up on the blogs I missed while I was away.