Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally, A Painting In Process

While art has been happening in the studio, not one full painting has happened in a very long time.  It’s time.  I have a sketch in my sketchbook that I had titled “In For The Night.”  That will be my next painting. 

Normally I use my sketch as the basis for my value study which means a lot of pencil work.  I was watching a video done by my friend Linda Baker.  She uses Pitt Pens for her value studies – much quicker than graphite and I have the set she uses. 

In for the night for half sheetI’ve also thought about doing this in with more of the boats that were there; however, that would require an odd size and I already have an idea for framing the half sheet above.  I think I’ll save the longer version, until I find a suitable frame.  This is the longer version.

In for the night

I’m still working on my daily mixed media piece.  I haven’t scanned or photographed any of the new ones.  When I do I’ll post them.  Meanwhile, Michigan Watercolor Society Exhibit entries are due soon so I need to get busy with “In For The Night.”

And go over and check out Linda’s website.  She does beautiful work!

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Joan T said...

These look like they will make super paintings. I love Linda's work. I met her down at the Springmaid Watermedia classes a few times. She's such a sweetheart.