Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year – New Resolutions

How many times do we make these resolutions and then promptly forget them? I know I’m guilty though I did work harder at least one of last year’s resolutions than I ever have in the past. That prompts me to think maybe I can do better this year too.

national geographic collage

One resolution this year is to continue to finish at least one piece every day. Awhile back I challenged myself to do one small mixed media piece every day. First it was going to be the same size every day; however, since I was doing mixed media I decided to use some starts and soon the sizes weren’t the same.

A few were ATC’s done for friends button atc crossbutton atc with bundle

Art atc

The dream atcand some just for me

mother and paddy collage John and Edith collage

One day it was a broken mosaic sphere that I didn’t want to let go of.

mosaic ball

This one isn’t finished; I think it’s going to get taller. The sphere has some pieces in it that can’t be replaced so I don’t want to get rid of it for sentimental reasons.

It got broken because my grandson loves balls. He was in the garden, saw a ball and being 1 ½, didn’t know the difference between a ball to throw and a sphere to look at. (Grandpa neglected to tell him.) He tried to throw it; it hit a rock in the garden; there went my wonderful sphere

On days when nothing else strikes me I think I’ll work on the mosaic. It won’t get done in a day because the pieces have to dry before they can be grouted so I’m going to consider the tile or ceramic pieces glued on as one project and the grouting another.

I love mosaics though I haven’t done many. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I’ll add that to my list of techniques to learn.

Another resolution that I’m really going to work on keeping is to get back to posting regularly on my blog. It won’t be every day but at least once a week.


Dean H. said...

Good luck on your resolutions, Helen!
The pieces in this post are wonderful!

Jo Castillo said...

Happy New Year and good luck with the resolution! This is a great start. Love the mosaic sphere.

Joan T said...

Nice pieces!!!! I'll be watching to see if you keep up with them. Happy New Year!