Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Mixed Media Daily

The painting is almost finished.  One of the downsides of my painting process is the wait while layers dry.  However, it’s also a positive because it gives me time to experiment with the mixed media pieces I’ve been playing with.

wine angel I’ve been reading an interesting book, Plaster Studio, by Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise.  One of Judy’s projects in the book was a wine angel using joint compound, collage and encaustics.  Since I collect angels and drink wine the project appealed to me; however,  I didn’t happen to have joint compound on hand the day I decided this would be my daily piece.

I used a piece of board, covered it with unbleached muslin that I had tried doing some transfers on but that didn’t work, covered that with some yellow ochre watercolor, decided it was too dark so the next layer was gesso. 

Next I sketched my angel and did the writing.  On my way to finding something else I came across some wine labels so I decided to add them.  Then I used collage for her dress, wings and halo before adding a layer of encaustic.

Once the encaustic was done I used watercolor crayon to add the rest of the color.  She was fun to do and now hangs over the wine rack in our kitchen.

1 20 sunsetYesterday’s piece was another sunset.  This time a fabric collage using watered  down acrylic on fusible.  At the moment it’s collage on fabric but I think it’s going to become a small art quilt so this may serve as the basis for another piece sometime this week.  Meanwhile, I’m off to do the last pour on my painting.

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Joan T said...

Helen, you always do such interesting pieces. I like both of these!!!