Saturday, February 9, 2013

On working with our hands

I’ve written about stitching lately and about my search for my creative self… the one who makes art just to satisfy me.  I’ve done a lot of journaling, a lot of sketching, a lot of reading and a lot of stitching. 

This silly doll is my new muse, a Spirit Doll stitched in response to a Karen Musgraves Creativity Lesson.spirit dolldoll back

The front is a very old piece of a well worn quilt top.  I doubt it would hold up for any use other than this.  The back is a piece of fabric I had been journaling on – another experiment unrelated but it works because I was journaling about stitching and life.  The legs are a combination of handmade and purchased beads.  I think she still needs wings but I’m not sure what kind so she will hang like this for now… just above the table I use for drawing, some stitching and where I’m still working my way through the “Nine Modern Day Muses” book.

Another blog I visit is “Spirit Cloth”.  I love her stitching and she helped me discover that I actually do like the quietness of hand stitching.  From her I also learned how to blind baste and I love it but that’s another subject.  Now I’m thinking about hand work and that applies to all art… painting, sculpting, stitching… it’s all handwork.

Jude’s Spirit Cloth blog also introduced me to Renate Hiller who did a short video about the importance of handwork… On Handwork is worth watching.  She made me think about growing up with both grandmothers, my mother and my aunt insisting I learn to stitch – fabric and yarn.  They all stitched.and now I feel fortunate to have grown up with them even though at the time I really would rather have been climbing trees, playing ball or doing some water sport.

Another reminder for me… Renate looks very much like my paternal grandmother.


Beth Parker said...

I love this, Helen! Isn't it fun to have a new muse?

Sweetpea said...

Am popping 'round your blog this morning to say thank you for your nice comment ... and what do I find? This lovely Spirit Doll. She is wonderful, Helen! Her shape, her handwritten/sketched back, her tiny beaded legs, what a little treasure. Have you by any chance ever seen the beaded Spirit Dolls by Robin Atkins? Hers are filled with meaning & symbolism just like yours.

...going to wander around here for a bit longer, but wanted to say, "HELLO."

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I just wondered over to Robin's site. I love her work though I'm not big on beading... that I know of. I am constantly discovering new things to love doing.

kavita sharma said...

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