Saturday, December 28, 2013

More Memories

Christmas sketch

This Christmas morning, one again I didn’t look at the list.  It was memories again.  I’m very nostalgic this time of year and as I sketched this so many memories of times past surfaced.

The chef doll…. two friends who have passed, well four actually and I am reminded of all but two owned the doll before me.  It first belonged to Katherine, then to Betty.  Betty got it at Katherine’s estate sale and eventually decided he needed a face.  She asked me to give him one.  I penciled it in and when I showed it to her she knew she wasn’t going to be with us much longer so she wanted me to keep him.  There were 8 of us who lunched together every Monday for years,  Katherine, Betty, Pat and Cheri are gone now.  Barb, Sally and Connie are still with us.  I ought to call them and arrange lunch when the weather is better.

The rest of the shelf, a sign from Connie that is up all year, “He sees you when you’re eating”.  I don’t know how to put a smiley face in her but I’m smiling. 

The blue juicer isn’t the one that sat on Aunt Margaret’s counter but it reminds me of her and the lemon pies Grandma Fear and Grandma Percy both made

Mother Lystra’s frog toothpick holder.and all of them live on the Hoosier cabinet Dad Lystra restored for us. 

All good memories…. and it was a beautiful Christmas Day when I had all three of my men here…. husband Ed, son Marshall and grandson Warner…. and a beautiful dusting of new fallen snow….

I am truly blessed.


Dean H. said...

Warm hearted memories lovingly created on two sheets of paper...more precious than pearls.

Wonderful, Helen!

suzannepaints said...

Beautiful memories. Merry Christmas