Monday, February 6, 2017

Finding My Way

This is the 4th layer of the dark one from yesterday, you can see it here.
I just covered everything with a combination of white, veridian, and quinacridone gold.  I let that dry then added more white and let that dry.  
The last two steps, wipe on a bit of alcohol and use an exacto knife and a single edge razor blade to get back down to the colors.  Final step, spatter a bit of red.  I don't know if it's done or not, have to live with it awhile before I decide.  Meanwhile....

I am in the process of clearing clutter from my studio.  I have piles of stuff everywhere from that long drought when my muse was off visiting someone else.  One of the things I unearthed was a start...  I could tell there were many layers under the coat I was seeing so I picked up that exacto knife, sprayed a bit of alcohol on the piece and did some scratching.  Here is it...

Another one that will sit for awhile before I decide if it's done.  The white on this has a warmer tone that the photo shows.  I had to use my phone for the photo as my camera wasn't working.

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