Friday, February 17, 2017

Some Things Revisited

It's no secret I've been clearing some clutter from my studio and unearthing things I had forgotten.  I did this in 2014.  I have a sketchbook almost full of these images called Zendangles.  Something similar to Zentangle but to me, much more fun

One of the Dangles in the sketchbook was a start, not much to it.  So I decided to add more.  I haven't done any color yet, maybe later today or tonight.  Last night I taught my class the basics, they had a good time with it and some of them will probably do more.  It's addictive.

The other thing I did yesterday was pick up the sampler my mother started.  I should have blocked it myself before having it framed because they didn't get it straight.  She would not like that which is the only reason I think it should be straight.  For now it will hang in my sewing room, above her machine.  It is a reminder to me that while there are many ways we are alike... note unfinished sketchbook above and unfinished sampler.... there are also many ways we are different and that's okay.

I inherited her talent (she was an artist) and her love of fiber and fashion though you wouldn't know that to see me now, jeans and sweatshirts are my go to wardrobe. She liked perfect seams and stitches, I don't like staying in the lines nor do I feel compelled to have straight seams.  If they are that's fine, if not that's okay too.  But for the things she liked to sew it was important... fashion, clothes, she was a fashion designer through and through.  I prefer sewing art quilts and other just plain fun things like wonky dolls and angels.


Susan McQuade said...

Helen, the framed piece of your Mom's work is so sweet. I am sure she is tickled that you captured her loving stitches.

Joan Tavolott said...

I love the dangles!!! How great to have a piece of your mom's work to hang over her machine. Glad to hear the artistic streak runs in your family.