Thursday, February 9, 2017

Progress and A Pear

First the pear, done in my sketchbook using  Derwent XL graphite sticks.  A quick one to start the day.

Yesterday I made some progress on one of the starts. Here are all of the stages so far....

Step one, just putting down color and collage elements.  Center top is gold from a piece of Joss Paper.
 Next, three coats of white covers everything, well almost covers.  I can still see the Joss Paper.
Next step is to spray with a bit of alcohol and scrap with a single edge razor and scratch with an exacto knife.  The gold on the Joss Paper is gone.  Now I know that doesn't work.
 The next step is a coat of Quinacrodone Gold, one of my new favorite colors, The white is from my camera, it is the same light gold as everywhere else.
 Once that was dry I added black and rubbed it off.  I like the combination of black and gold.
.Last step yesterday was to add a bit of Cerulean blue and then rub it away.  Some of the black came away with it and now I have a spot dead center.... a problem to solve.  That will be my task today.
And maybe another version of the pear in the morning...

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