Thursday, April 11, 2013

In The Works

Must go down to the sea again

This is a piece that has been hanging in my stitching space for a very long time waiting…. It’s a mixed media piece, a combination of painting ( the sunset,) transfer (the poem…I must go down to the see again….) and stitching it all together on fabric.  Last night I decided it is time to figure out how to finish it.  That’s my project for today.

Meanwhile, a couple other WIP’s (works in process) in my stitching space…. a couple small abstract wall quilts ….

face wall hanging wipcreate for robe

The faces were inspired by something posted on Jude’s Spirit Cloth blog.  I want to embroider something on the brown strip on the top piece, on the lower piece I used a bleach pen to discharge the word create.

Reading what I just wrote about these makes me think… I need to clarify abstract.  I call these abstract because there is something that has been abstracted, the face.  If the face weren’t on the piece it would actually be non-representational art.  However, it seems to me that most folks call all of this type of work abstract so I,’m conflicted, should I call it what it is or what most folks recognize.


Joyce said...

I love the stitched face:) And I don't think I would call it abstract - it's definitely a face on art to me.... but I don't know art definitions. My penny's worth of thought.

Joan T said...

Looks like you've got some interesting projects going. Nice!!