Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Start plus this and that….


Here’s my start for today, just color and texture and it’s just past noon.   I still have all day to do more… or go stitch.  I think I’ll stitch.

This and That….

Yesterday I was fitted for hearing aids.  My hearing is not totally gone but between the tinnitus  and a slight hearing loss it was/is difficult to hear people who talk very softly. Besides that I learned that I also don’t always hear numbers correctly.  At the gallery last month when someone told me a price was $45, I heard $35 so undercharged.  Fortunately the price was still in the case when I checked it so it wasn’t a total loss but… that prompted me to make an appointment.

So, I’ve got two months to give them a good try and see if I feel an improvement that is worth the dollars, hearing aids do not come cheap.  So far I haven’t been in situations where I really need them but I have noticed some sounds I hadn’t heard before – like silent light switches – they aren’t silent.  The bell on the microwave is much louder than I thought it was and the phone rings louder so I may hear it sooner.

They are also suppose to block my tinnitus but that hasn’t happened yet, It isn’t any louder but it’s still there.  During this next 60 days they will be making adjustments so I’m not giving up on them based on hearing sounds I didn’t know I was missing.  Though I must admit, the new sounds are sounds I could easily live without ever hearing again

Now off to the sewing machine…...

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