Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lesson learned, Little Gems and Some New Things


First, the lesson learned…. don’t wait, scan or photograph and download every day.  I haven’t done it since I returned from up north and it took me all morning to get images ready to post.

Now, Little Gems.  I’ve been looking at everything I did up north and trying to decide where to go next.  I had some I think I like but not sure and some that I knew I didn’t like but wasn’t sure where to go with them.  I finally decided all I could do was do something, anything, just start so here they are at a stage I’m happier with but still not sure they’re done.

circles 4x4 1

circles 2 4x4

circles 3 4x4

circles 4 4x4

I’ll have to look at them for awhile before I decide.

Meanwhile, I have been doing other things.  Do you believe your guardian angel puts things in your path?  I do.  When I was in Petoskey with my friend Terry, we were in a bookstore, not to buy, we just love being around books.  I happened upon something colorful, opened it up and discovered something I’ve been playing with ever since.  The book (which I bought) is Zenspirations.  Here is one of my first attempts…..

zendangle blues and greens

I love the dangles.  While the Zentangle phenomenon is fun, it’s more structured which just isn’t me.  This is structured but only slightly. 

And they are perfect for a new sketchbook I have.  Mike VerDuin of VerDuin’s Printing here in Grand Haven is a family friend, Rather than throw some paper away because they could no longer use it, he made a few sketchbooks and gave me one.  It’s great paper for pen and ink and just a bit of watercolor, perfect for the dangles.  It has become my morning practice.  Today I did one that allows for journaling too.

photo 4

Now, back to work and I will try to remember to scan or photograph at the end of the day.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Great little gems!!! I haven't heard of dangles before, but I like the idea!!! They are more relaxed looking than the pentangles, but probably as much fun to do.