Monday, June 2, 2014

Starting “Little Gems”


what's behind the blue door

I was inspired by Jane Davies four by four project.  She’s doing 400, I’m thinking 40.   Anyway that’s a start, I may add to that.  She calls hers teeny tiny art which is appropriate (they’re 4”x4”) but I didn’t want to copy and thanks to my friends,  Annie Morgan and Catherine McClung, I came up with, no, they came up with…. Little Gems. When both of them said it, I decided that’s got to be it.  I hope that’s what they turn out to be. 

I’m posting it here and I’ve asked the Tri-Cities Historical Museum if it will be my venue for Art Walk this year. I promised the Museum at least 10.  I’m committed.  So, here’s my plan for this month.  Every day this week I’m going to do at least one, hopefully more, starts.

I’m not thinking design yet, just getting some color and texture on the paper using paint and collage elements. 

Here’s June 1 starts…

photo 2

turq magenta 6 2

red orange turq 6;2

And today, June 2

orange start 6 2

orange periwinkle 6 2

5 more days to do starts and I’ll be posting every day. 

Next week, everyday, work on the next layer of these starts, at least one every day.  I have until September; however, if I’m lucky and get 10 good ones this month I may be able to show them at the Gallery Uptown this summer.

Stay turned as I post the progress….


Joan Tavolott said...

Looks like a plan to get your "little gems" done by September. I'll be following your progress.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Thanks Joan, I hope so.