Friday, June 6, 2014

Ready to pack for Petoskey


Normally I have my grandson on Friday but he isn’t here today so I got a lot more done than I planned.  Good thing probably because I’m working at the Gallery Uptown tomorrow and may not get into the studio except to pack up art supplies.

Sooooooo, today I started with this one….


Then I was sorting stencils and stamps thinking some could go to our garage sale and some to the trash.  On the other hand, some might work nicely with the geli plate.  After I cut some paper to size for my trip north I thought what the heck, you’ve got some time, try some of the stamps.  So I got out the geli plate and here is the rest of what I’m taking to Petoskey for my “Little Gems”…

all Friday 6.6

And now I’m off to have the new hearing aids adjusted.  I probably won’t post again until near the end of next week….

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