Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another Medium

beads for maggie

You already know I love to try new things.  This time it was lampwork beads.  No, I am not going to become a bead maker; however, it was fun and because it was such fun playing with my good friend GG Havens Reid who is both an inspiration and an extraordinary glass artist.

GG suffered a stroke late in 2013 and has been fighting her way back.  She gave me a lesson in bead making and because she’s fun and it’s easier for me to go to her studio than it is for her to come to mine, I’m going to go back and make a few more.  These three are for my sister.

This past month, doing a daily post inspired me to post more regularly.  I may not post daily but I do think I can commit to more than once a week.

In addition to whatever I’m working on, I’d like to introduce you to some artists whose work I admire. Some are personal friends here in my neck of the woods and some are internet friends and finds. All of them do work I admire so it will tell you a bit about my eclectic taste; however, it’s not about my taste it’s about introducing you to some really good and interesting artists.

I’ve already told you a bit about GG and earlier a bit about Catherine McClung being in the top 25 at Art Prize, as of this writing she’s still there.  You all may have seen Catherine’s work and not known it. I first saw her work many years ago, long before I knew her personally.

I was looking at Christmas dishes and fell in love with “Winter Greeting,” a set of dishes with a cardinal on it. I don’t have any of it but I got this image from Google to show you.

catherine's cardinal.bmp

This is just one of Catherine’s many works that appear on Lennox China.  Her bird paintings are outstanding, you can see her work and learn a little more about her at Gallery Uptown, downtown Grand Haven, and on the gallery website

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