Friday, October 17, 2014

What Do Wine And January Have In Common?

Art Prize and Art Walk are done for 2014. The next big art event here in Grand Haven happens in January. It’s Wine About Winter and plans are underway for another good time.

More on that another day.  Today I want to share some favorites from Art Walk and Art Prize.

ArtWalk, I had two favorites, one was in C2C’s window

artwalk ducks

The other one was in Gallery Uptown’s window.  I don’t have a photo of that one but it was a large piece, a battleground of the Civil War done with his fingernail and palm prints.

There was a tribute to the DIA at the Fire Barn Gallery.  I haven’t seen it in person yet.  The day I was there it was advertised as open but it wasn’t.  I’m hopeful that it will stay up for awhile and I will get to see it.  Local artists did their interpretation of one of the works that the DIA owns.   Here’s a link to the Firebarn Gallery.

Another fun part of Art Walk was the Sunday on the Grand project.  Mine is far from done, as it is evolving it’s a totally different image than what I was seeing in my head and I think I want to back up a bit and try and go more in the direction I originally planned.  Here it is today….

Sunday on the Grand

And here’s a link to a bunch of the finished pieces….

And here is my entry in Art Walk this year.,,

the shack

It’s at the Tri Cities Historical Museum and work at that venue will be up through October 24 so if you haven’t seen them, there is still time;


Art Walk is Grand Haven’s response to Art Prize which happens in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is one of the biggest art shows in the world as far as prize money is concerned.  My favorites this  year… there was a Zoo on Fulton Street, we happened on it on the way to see Catherine McClung’s Birds of the Bible. 

The Zoo was full of animals made from recycled items.  I love when people do that.  This lion was one of my favorites.  I wish I had taken more photos there. 


Here are links to my other favorites,,

and finally, this mosaic…

Did you visit Art Walk or Art Prize?  If so, what was your favorite.

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