Tuesday, October 14, 2014

He will be missed.

still life old wall done

In my last post I mentioned the Weekend Drawing Event over at wetcanvas.com.  This week we learned that one of the artists that always participated has died.  None of us knew he was ill.  Not only was Deano a wonderful artist, he was a great cheerleader for all of us who participated.  His art and his presence will be missed by many.  I’ve long admired his work and had been thinking it was about time I bought one of his pieces.  I hope I can still get one.  The image above is the one I did while watching the Michigan football game.  I think not concentrating too hard on the painting is a good thing sometimes.

Meanwhile, I’ve done a few more images from the week before.  I haven’t been doing them daily but I’ve been fairly regular.  The one about is from this past weekend.  The week before there were several I liked so I saved them and will do them later.  These two are from the same photo, different crop….

wde cottage 5 7 14wde cottage garden 5 6 14










This one is from the same area of England, it was fun remembering some of the places we saw while we were there.  Not these specific places but similar.

wde garden arch 5 5 14

And then remembering that I had saved several from weeks past but hadn’t done them, I started another one.  This is one that came from Robert who is in France.  This is a French B&B that I intend to add color to one of these days.

wde an old one from skappy to finish

And today is Tuesday, the day I paint with my Tuesday Morning Group.  I haven’t scanned that one yet but it’s a beautiful fall day, rainy but colorful.  I’ll get it scanned soon.

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