Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hopefully before he goes off to college

quilt for zepher

This quilt top was ready to quilt last spring.  That shadow is me taking the photo.  The quilt is for our niece Margot’s baby boy.  But he’s a little boy now, no longer a baby.  Frankly, I was afraid to quilt it.  I’ve done a lot of stitching and done some quilting but the biggest quilting task I’d ever taken on was a table runner.  I started quilting this the same way I’d done the table runner, just stitching with a regular everyday foot on my machine.  WRONG…. oh so wrong.  

So I broke down and bought a walking foot.  Did some practice on other projects but still avoided the baby quilt.  Fear of messing up had me.  This past week I was reading one of Julia Cameron’s books on Creativity and she talked about just that type of fear.  She suggested it wasn’t fear of the project not being perfect, it might be fear of the person doing the project not being perfect.  Well, I have to admit, that hit home.  Often, if I think I can’t do it perfect I don’t do it.  At least not if anyone else is going to see it. 

Well, our niece already knows I’m not perfect so let’s just dive in and get this thing done before Zepher is off to college.  So yesterday I spent the afternoon in my sewing room happily stitching away.  No, it isn’t perfect but not bad.  Now to do the binding, hmmmm.  I’ll wait a bit, practice another couple small projects and then dive in.  At least I can get it done before pre-school I hope.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Glad you didn't let the project scare you off. I like this!