Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Shack And A Portrait Start

another shack

This is the preliminary drawing for another mixed media piece.  I’m not certain but I think it’s one of Li Newton’s photos.  I didn’t fine this on my computer, just a copy stuck in one of my sketchbooks so I’m not sure where it came from.  Li is one of my wetcanvas friends and she takes a lot of photos which she shares with wetcanvas participants.  She never fails to post one or two that I fall in love with.

And another portrait.  Not too long ago I posted one that I had started of my mother.  This is it, almost finished….


Today I started one of my aunt, her big sister.  She has been harder to do for several reasons.  First, she was the softer sister, not that she was overweight, just a softer person.  She was also four years older than my mother so I never knew her close to the age she is in the photo.

Aunt M

I’ll have to post this one on facebook to see if my cousins think I’m capturing the image.  One thing that points up the difference between the two women is the tops they are wearing.  Both were expert seamstresses; I know Mother made her blouse and this is her senior picture.  I’d bet Aunt M made hers to and notice the difference in style.  This one has a long way to go but so far I’m happy with it.

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Joan Tavolott said...

I don't know if the portraits look like your mom and your aunt, but they are lovely. It is fun seeing a touch of the fashions of the day.