Saturday, February 7, 2015

Playing A Little More

This morning I did a little experimenting with printing, a monotype print, on fabric.  Here are two views of the maids cottage on Spider Key.  They’re based on the same sketches in my sketchbook that I used the other day but this time on fabric.  More collage items will be stitched to these.

maids cottage angle view on fabricmaids cottage on fabric

Thursday I spent the day making collage papers, here are a few of my favorites….

collage papers

Yesterday I spent the day playing with Thomas the Train and my grandson.  I had to leave him in Grandpa’s care for about 45 minutes.  Evidently Grandpa wasn’t in to playing because when I returned he rushed to me, gave me a big hug saying “Grandma, Grandma, I misseded you sooo much.” Later in the day when I had changed into clothes for the gallery opening last night he looked at me, hands on hips, stern face: ‘You’re not leaving again are you.”  I assured him I wouldn’t be leaving until after he had gone home.  Gotta love that little guy!

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Jo Castillo said...

This is a fun project. You are doing great!