Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Morning At The Museum

I paint with a group on Tuesday mornings.  This morning we were at the Historical Museum and one of the displays had so many choices for little paintings.  I did this little sketch of one of the items, didn’t plan well because I only got one of the pair on the page.


Actually, I took so long sketching the first moccasin that there wasn’t time to do the second one anyway.  I took lots of photos of other possibilities, including some potential abstracts.  Still have to download those so I can’t post.

The dailies for January are done; I know myself well enough to know I’m not going to get one done every day for the rest of the year but I do something daily:paint, sketch, draw, stitch, make some collage papers, gelli plate printing so many different things. I’d love to be able to zero in on one like so many do but I have accepted that it just isn’t me. 

Grandma always said “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  I’ve decided I am a master at being a Jack of all trades and I can live with that.


Barb said...

Oh I have often flogged myself with that same saying "Master of None"...it's so good to hear a different take on it. I'll start repeating yours, I like it so much better: "A Master at Being a Jack of all Trades."

Joan Tavolott said...

Nice soft look to the moccasin! It never hurts to do a bit of everything!