Friday, February 27, 2015

Two Conch Cottages and Two Cherubs

Listen to the Whispers

These little guys will be going to the Gallery Uptown soon.  I may get one more cherub done before I take this one in; then again, maybe not.

The March exhibit at the gallery is Spring Fever and it opens Friday, March 6.  The opening reception is 5:30 to 8 that evening.  These two pieces are going to be in the exhibit.

captains quarters

These two are from Pigeon Key, the Captain’s Quarters and the Maid’s Cottage.  


Joan Tavolott said...

Great job on the cottage...I've been to Pigeon Key. Love the cherubs!!! What are you using for the gold colored background?

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Joan, I used a piece of tissue that had gold paint on it. It's collaged