Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Flea Market Finds

I'm back, rested, revived.  My week at the lake feeds my soul and this one was especially good because in addition to being able to swim daily and work on my Flea Market Series, I took the time to do some experimenting.  Today I'm posting the Flea Market pieces I finished.  Then I'm going to play a little catch-up.  A couple of weeks I missed posting so this week I'm going to post a couple more times.  My experiments were in watercolor monoprints and as I get them scanned I'll post them.flea market series # 4 baskets flea market series #5 baskets flea market series #6 stools
I also finished another boat.... I seem to be narrowing my boat images down to old rowboats.  I do love them.  This one belonged to a friend and when I saw it I knew I had to paint it.
berts boat
I wonder sometimes after I've painted something like this boat, did I concentrate too hard on the subject and not pay enough attention to the design.  I wonder because I'm so enthralled with my subject that I know that's all I'm thinking about.  I love the water and love to be in it or on it.  And as much as I love going fast on the water (speedboats) I also love the quiet of rowing an old boat or kayaking on calm water.


Joan said...

Your flea market finds make such intersting subjects. These are lovely!!! I love the rowboat too. I like their simplicity and they remind me of lots of good times rowing around the lake in Maine that we went to as kids.

jgr said...

I agree: Your flea market finds are full of character and so unique. I can't wait to see what's next!

Judybec said...

these are gorgeous Helen! and that rowboat is beautifully colored.

Shez said...

Oh these ones are my favorites, I think they are fantastic. I especially like the baskets. The subtle shading and such seems to appeal to me more. What size are these....:)