Monday, August 24, 2009

More Tempra Experiments

I'm excited; Lisa Medendorf has been writing a column for the Chronicle about local artists in their studios.  Next week she's coming to interview me. YIKES... I need to get my studio straightened up a bit... well actually a lot.  That's probably a good thing because right now I need to be painting but haven't had time to clear clutter off my easel.

I have had time to do some more experimenting with the tempra resist though.  This time I did some stamping with the tempra before inking.  Step 1 was the stamping and putting a bit of tempra down along with it.  Step 2 was the inking.  Step 3, I drew the pears and added some color to them.  Step 4 was to add liquid frisket (masking gum) to parts of the pears.  Step 6, more tempra.  Step 7, ink again.  Here's the result of that process.

3 pears experiment

The next one was another attempt to add words, this time by stamping.  Here's the result of that


I'm quite pleased with how they both came out.  I think I need to hang the breathe sign where it will be visable to me regularly when I'm in my cluttered studio. 


Kat Farmer said...

sounds exciting, like the tempera and ink work, fab effects...

Joan said...

How exciting that you're going to be interviewed for the paper!!! I like these done with the tempera and ink, especially the fruit!!