Monday, August 17, 2009

Using a Tempra Resist

Annie's Coffee small
Here I go again, off on another new experiment.  I wonder if it's my ADD.  If I see a new technique I often have to try it.  This is one a friend showed me last week when we were painting together.  I loved the look when it was finished, the look of a woodblock print, so had to try a few more.  I had limited success.  Here are a couple of those.
tempra wine Pear 1
I liked them well enough to give it another try.  I wanted to know if I could get just a wee bit more detail which would mean I may be able to put some words on a piece and actually have it look decent.  This weekend the WetCanvas WDE included a street musician so I tried him with decent results. I think I liked him better before I added the color and I see the tape didn't work well; however,  it's an experiment... Charles Reid says we need to learn to accept our mistakes.
street music tempra step 4 street music tempra step 5


Joan said...

Helen - I REALLY like the way these look. They do look like block prints. The street musician came out super. I'm up in Maine trying to do some plein air painting in the heat. I'll post some work when I get back. I can't upload from here, but I can check in.

jgr said...

Helen, these are wonderful! I am torn between the coffee and the wine as to which is my favorite ha! Thank you for sharing.