Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 7 of the Dailies and I really do need to be doing this

This is a small one, about 4x4”.  It tells me a whole lot but mainly that I have neglected my painting and drawing.  Stitching has gotten in the way along with a few other things.  I’m not about to quit stitching but I do need to budget my time better, stop wasting it. 

Like last year, instead of a New Year’s Resolution I decided on a word to carry through the year.  It was release and I did release a lot of junk, not enough but a start.  This year my word is focus.  I need to focus on one thing at a time and on budgeting that time.  We’ll see how I do…. Here’s the daily and a link to the Leslie’s challenge so you can see what others are doing.

day 7


Joan Tavolott said...

A tiny beauty!!!

Beth Parker said...

Happy New Year, Helen! Love the little painting! I really like your words. Last year, mine was Gratitude and this year it's Believe. Way better than resolutions. :)