Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Number 14 for 30 Paintings in 30 Days

daily 1 14

Another one from wetcanvas, this time from the Reference Image Library.  This is in the sketchbook I talked about yesterday.  I may do it larger for my son’s classroom or office, he teaches Automotive Technology.  Check out what some of the others have done over on Leslie’s blog

You should also check the blogs of two of my wetcanvas buddies who are participating in this challenge.  Joan Tavolott  does some wonderful plein air work.  Sharron "Shez" Marshall is another who does some beautiful work.  Check both of them out.

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Joan Tavolott said...

Nice looking garage with a bit of character! Good job! Thanks for the shout out. Have you been posting to Leslie's blog? There are so many pieces of art there. I try to visit a few of the blogs each day when I get a chance.