Monday, January 12, 2015

The Red Door, The Daily Done Tonight

day 12

This is another one from one of my British friends over on wetcanvas. It’s mixed media, a combination of crayon and watercolor.   Awhile back I made several small sketchbooks.  Actually, they’re signatures that might eventually become a larger sketchbook but my thought was they are thin enough to put in my purse and I won’t have to carry a larger sketchbook all the time.

I do have a sketchbook in my purse at all times, never know when one may have to wait, like today at the eye doctor.  My mother and my aunt always had knitting with them, I once did too but I don’t knit as much as I once did so the sketchbook has replaced knitting needles.  Besides, I can sit at a table in a restaurant with a sketchbook and not many know that I’m sketching, knitting would be more obvious.

So this is the first that I’ve used one of the signature/sketchbooks that I made and the door is the cover.  Tomorrows may or may not be in this one because  it’s a day I paint with my Tuesday painting group and I have a sketchbook that is dedicated to that; however, after that, I think the dailies will be in this one.

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Joan Tavolott said...

I'm always attracted to nice, colorful front doors. Nice!