Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Daily and Some Stitching

My Tuesday morning painting group painted at the library today.  Well, two of us townies were there, the rest live out in the country and snow kept them home.

We hadn’t been out painting since a couple weeks before Christmas so it felt good to be back at it.  I wasn’t particularly pleased with what I did but then I often feel that way until I look again a couple days later.  Anyway, here is my daily for today.

day 6








Once back home I was in stitching mode.  I’m working on a small table runner…. this is in process, lots more work to be done on it but it’s coming….

stitching 1










I’m also trying something called Pojagi. In Korean culture, wrappings, called pojagi, were made in bursts of colorful patchwork or imaginative embroidery.  They use it for gift wrapping and for other utilitarian wrappings.  I like the idea of using something that can be reused so I did a little research.  It seems the pojagi seam is very much like the French seam my mother did on fabrics that tended to fray too much.  So, I decided to try it.  This is a start, the close up is the wrong side.  Stitching isn’t straight but that has more to do with my inability to cut straight.  I need to start using the rotary cutter more.

stitching 2stitching 3

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Joan Tavolott said...

The sketch looks good. It is hard to get back into sketching when we take a break. I guess that's why I try not to. lol Love the Korean wrapping...it resembles a quilt.