Monday, September 29, 2014

Because A House Is Being Lifted

day 29

I did a pear today.  The house a few houses down from us is being raised up so the basement can be used.  Warner was curious so we all wandered down to watch as they work on the area around the foundation getting ready to move.  Warner also found a pear tree and brought a pear home with him.  When he was off to school I said I was going to draw the pear.  “Don’t draw on the pear.”  I assured him I wouldn’t but asked if it was okay if I drew it on paper.  “Yes, that will be fine; but not on the pear.”

Back home from school he saw the little painting, he said he liked it then added “but you didn’t draw on the pear did you?”  No, the pear doesn’t have a mark on it and my challenge is done for today.

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