Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Challenge & Remembering Family

day 20

This is one of the squirt bottles I have in my studio.  It doesn’t work anymore but I like the looks of it so it stays.  I did it today, missed yesterday.

I briefly considered doing two today but decided that really wasn’t fair; besides I had a clutter clearing project going on and that took up most of the day. 

So the missed day… I traveled back and forth across the state for a burial.  It hurts to be losing friends and family.  As I thought about it on the drive home I realize that as much as I love where I live and the many friends I have here, I miss the family feeling that is still very much alive in the block where I grew up.  Jerry Taylor was part of that family.

Actually, his wife is my sister’s husband’s sister so we are family. We’ve known Caroline and her family since early childhood, I think I was 9 when they moved into the neighborhood. There are 4 houses between their house and ours and everyone in between and on either side are also family, and all of their kids.  That was truth when I was 9 and is still truth today.  I don’t get over there often but when I do it’s like I never left.  Even if someone new moves into the neighborhood, they immediately become part of the family.  It’s a good feeling and I’m glad to see that the feeling continues.

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