Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Challenge & A Different Kind of Challenge

day 23

First the 30 day challenge, day 23 finally got downloaded today.  Tuesday my Tuesday Morning Painting Group went out to Rosey Mound, a dune that is part of the Ottawa County Park System. 

We were hoping for color but there wasn’t any; that;s the nice part about being a painter rather than a photographer, one can add or change colors.

artisan's gallery

This is one of several experiments I did yesterday.  The orange and turquois was the start done with a Gelli Plate.  The photo was added using hand sanitizer and a transparency. This is one of those “I have no idea where this piece is going but I’m liking it so far.”

Yesterday was one of those fun art days when artist friends get together and do some experimenting.  Annie Morgan and I did just that yesterday morning. Brenda Mattson joined us in the afternoon.

I’ve used this image in an earlier work. This is a small watercolor monotype.Artisans Gallery #2

It’s available at the Gallery Uptown.

Annie and I both love old buildings and doors and we don’t know if this is one of my photos we shared or one of her photos we shared.

Okay so yesterday I didn’t actually finish a painting, Art Walk is underway and after leaving my art buddies I went to a reception.  No more art finished; however, I will get something done today. 

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