Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Challenge & A Collection

day 21

Today’s piece is from a collection that started when my aunt gave me the brushes my uncle had used in his work.  He was a commercial artist though he called himself a sign painter.  I’ve given some of those brushes away to special folks who would appreciate them.  Some I use regularly and some I just enjoy looking at and remembering.

uncle d's brushes

Some in my collection are much used and beyond help but I still love them because they were my dad’s.  He too was an artist, his passion was model boats but I only have art he did as a child.  I do have some of his brushes though.

more brushes

And then there are two shaving brushes, one from dad and one from my husband.  And my favorite, the one I painted, was a gift from my husband for my birthday last year.  The brush is for wiping away the eraser leavings… the white end is an eraser.  Here are those three along with the bottle I painted yesterday.  And as I look at this I think it would make a nice still life… maybe one a day when I have more time.

shaving brushes

I had extra time after church today, it’s a rainy one so afternoon plans changed.  I had planned to go to Nature’s Creative Edge in Fruitport but it’s not much fun in the rain.  It’s 5 plus acres of groomed trails with displays by floral designers and artists from around the nation. Worth seeing but I’ll have to miss this year.  It’s always this time of year and this is the first time since I learned about it that it has rained.  It opened Friday and that was a beautiful day but I was out of town, bummer.

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