Sunday, July 17, 2016

Angels, Cherubs and Dolls

A gift prompted me to think about a theme that seems to run through my studio….Angels, Cherubs and Dolls.  I played with paper dolls as a child but those were the only ones. I was too busy playing in and on the water.  There are a lot of little boats in there too but that's another story.  

I did own one doll that my Uncle gave me when he came home from the war – WWII.  She’s Martha Washington and one of her eyes was missing but she was beautiful anyway.  She lived in my bedroom at our lake home until my brother and sister-in-law moved in there.  I believe someone was going to try to repair her eye but that never happened and Martha disappeared.  

She was a sit-on-the-shelf-and-look-at-me kind of doll which was fine with me, as I mentioned, I didn’t play with dolls… that is until a few years back when a couple of artist friends asked me if I’d like to be part of an art doll collaborative.  Elzabeth was the beginning….

I’ve always collected angels but they were Christmas Angels; gifts from my mother, my spouse and later our son.  Since the doll thing started that collection has gone beyond Christmas and I've made a few myself.

A chorus of angels that hang in the doorway

A few that sit on a bookcase along with a couple of owls (and photos of my son)
Even in my herb garden

After Elzabeth another collaborative, this time a mermaid…. I am a Pisces after all.  Next thing I knew I was making and collecting. The following photos are some examples… some I made, some I bought and some are gifts.  There are more scattered around but that would mean taking way too many photos.  I think you get the idea….

Guess I do like to play with dolls after all...

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