Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More On Less Is More....

I did this back in 2011, another experiment and a landscape format.  The stones are real, chocolate rocks from a beach near Fennville.  We used to go there to see if we could find some.  They were always there but not plentiful.

The image is certainly simplified.  I can see a layer of collage under the blue.  I like it but I like the new pieces too.

I am simplifying my studio though.  I still have a lot of clutter that needs to go away but progress is being made.  I sorted one of the drawers in my flat file and found room for stacks of paper that were sitting on my work surface.  Hooray!  And I emptied another drawer so more can be moved off that same work surface. 

For several weeks I’ve avoided going in there because there was so much clutter and I didn’t have time or more accurately didn’t want to make time to clear it. 

But the painting muse came back to visit and we had to do something so the work is getting done.  So is more stitching and painting but no new photos yet.

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