Thursday, July 28, 2016

Long Time Friends Gather

We gather to celebrate....

These friends are long time friends... here are most of us in 1957....

We go back to Junior High School... we've lost track of a few and a couple have died but 11 of us still get together regularly.  One was missing yesterday but she was there in spirit,  Nine of the 11 are in the 1957 photo although you can only see the top of Char's head (she's still the tallest.)

Twelve years ago we had a retreat at one of our friends' mountain home in West Virginia.  At the time Karen was going through Chemo, she had been diagnosed and given very little time.  Yesterday we jokingly called it her blue hair period (a blue knit cap covered her head.)

Before we left to come back to our respective homes she announced that she was going to be in remission and planned to have a Remission Picnic in July so we must put it on our calendars.  We have no doubt her doctors would not have agreed with her that Spring; however, she was determined to stay positive.

I am so happy to say she was right... yesterday was her 12th Annual Remission Picnic.  She;s second from left in the top photo and top left in the 1957 photo.  I feel truly blessed to be able to call these awesome women friends.  Love each and every one of them.

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Joan Tavolott said...

How great that so many of you make it to the reunion!!!