Saturday, July 9, 2016

Something I Forgot

I forgot to post on the 4th…. My ORT for the TUSAL, that’s totally useless stitch along, here's a link. What is an ORT? ORT or ort ~ Capitalized, it stands for Old Ratty Threads. Most stitches throw them away but some of us keep them for a variety of reason. 

When I saw the TUSAL (totally useless stitch along) blog about keeping them in a glass container as a decorative object I loved the idea.  I already used a big glass container for the bits and pieces of fabrics that are too small for any machine work but still good for handwork.  

The bits and pieces of thread in this new jar will go into the blue bag you can see a bit of in the photo.  Here’s a better picture of it.  

The bag will get the thread from the glass jar when I empty it monthly.  I've emptied the June batch into the bag and have begun filling the glass jar for July.  Other bits and pieces of fabric (I also save those) that are just too small to use even for handwork or that I just don’t like also go in the bag.  When it’s full I stitch it closed and have a pillow to either keep or give away.  This one has a design on the other side and it may become a gift which is why I’m not showing it.

That beautiful ribbon you see in the first photo is ribbon from my grandmother's Knit Shoppe. Her shop was really more like a general store, she sold everything you would normally find in a knit shop but she also had a lending library and she sold nylon stockings, Hallmark Cards, ribbon, gift wrap and school supplies.  I loved spending time with her in that shop. The ribbon is wide but not as wide as it looks on the tall cylinder, that's two strips wrapped around a paper towels insides.  The other is a more accurate width, toilet paper insides. 

I use the ribbons to decorate wreaths or our mantel or whatever... I may add some to some of the pieces I've begun stitching.  Seems appropriate since she was one of the stitchers in my gene pool.

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